Brot für uns-Bread for us…

“He will be our daily bread, so that we may live daily.” Bishop Georg Moser 

Daily Bread!  As I celebrate the eucharist, sometimes just listening online to a daily broadcast from the Monks at St Ottillien in Germany, and try to go once a week at least to a Mass celebrated in my neighborhood outside of the Sunday Eucharist; there is a deeper andstronger  connection with both the eucharist and of course the communities with whom I celebrate this sacred feast.

I am also keenly aware of my need to rely on God’s daily proportion of what comes it’s way not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.  The Eucharistic Meal covers our entire being, our “whole person”, our entire human nature.  It reaches out to us on an emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical level.  That is why it is so ‘complete’.  This is less so with our daily meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as important as those meals are to us.
In the Eucharist, we are assured that God is present with us, in our daily longings and needs, as human beings.  Our emotional, physical, and spiritual hungers are satisfied by God’s attentiveness and sacred feeding in the Eucharist.  

The Bread we long for, the Living Bread  comes down from heaven, and fills us with all goodness and perfection.

Lord, give me today all that I truly long for.  Amen. 
P.S.  The eucharist takes on even more meaning when we find ways to take it out to the streets to feed the hungry and homeless.  Monthly our parish prepares hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to be distributed to the needy.  It is “eucharist” in action.  We are fed so that others too may be fed.  
Pax vincentosb

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